Tips to Avoid Overscheduling

Say “Maybe.”

Give yourself time to think through what you’re about to commit to. Does this line up with God’s call for you right now? Will you have to quit something else? Will this rob you of the only day of rest you have? On the other hand, maybe it would help you achieve a goal that you’ve procrastinated accomplishing. It could be just the push you need. These questions aren’t easily answered without some serious thought.

Don’t live on Social Media.

Let’s say your family has decided to skip sports for this season in order to invite another family over for dinner once a week. You check Facebook while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store and see that Mrs. Jones just posted a sweet picture of her daughter holding a soccer ball and grinning because her team just won.  All of a sudden, you start to feel guilty that your son won’t be enjoying these moments for the next few months. Maybe you’ve made a terrible mistake. After all, playing sports is healthy and fun and great socialization.

Instead, focus on what you’re gaining by stepping back, not comparing your choices to your friends’ priorities.   

Go with your gifts.

In The Sense of the Call, author Marva J. Dawn says, “If we are choosing between two tasks, we should pick the one for which we can do a better job.” 

What talents has God given you?  Are you an idea person, but terrible with the details? Are you a great hostess, but lousy at cooking? Know thyself and accept tasks accordingly. You will likely be more joyful completing these tasks if you are already good at it, instead of being frustrated and grumpy that you have to figure out something new.

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